My name is Gaston Forgues, I am a senior IT freelancer who helps businesses to meet (and often exceed) their IT needs. With passion, I build custom business software that works great on Mac, Windows, Linux, iPad, iPhone and on the Web. I don’t make buzzword-compliant speeches, I am fair, straightforward and I’m committed to bringing you real and measurable results.

Here are some key points about me:
  • Graduated analyst-programmer, experienced system administrator, certified Claris FileMaker developer.
  • 25+ years work experience in Information Technologies.
  • Development from A to Z of many information systems (mostly ERPs).
  • Strong analytical skills based on my training, vast experience and a natural talent for information technologies.
  • Extensive knowledge of database management systems for corporate workgroups and businesses.
  • Implementation of several computer networks and administration of multiple business servers.
  • I have owned and operated businesses for many years, so I have a complete understanding of on-time and on-budget parameters.
  • I am fluent in French and English.
Here’s my main areas of expertise:
Claris FileMaker
Custom development (recognized specialist)
Claris FileMaker is my favorite “Swiss army knife” because it fits well in many projects. It’s a fast and coherent development platform, it’s relatively affordable and we’re never disappointed with the results.
I’m currently building great WebDirect and FM Go FileMaker applications and I’m often deploying these solutions on FileMaker Cloud (AWS).
A few years ago, I developed a popular FileMaker plugin called EventScript.
Apple hardware & software
Apple computers, iOS devices and watches
Yes, the hardware costs a bit more but you’ll have quality AND peace of mind. The design is great but my first goal is efficiency.
Mac Os and iOS are great operating systems based on the renowned Unix platform. Very stable and secure, relatively fast and easy to use.
Server admin
Physical and virtualized servers
I have managed business servers for 20 years. I learned with Novell Netware and Ms Windows servers but I must confess I have a preference for Unix-based operating systems.
Since 2005, I manage the servers for FMhost which is a FileMaker and Web hosting company (uptime = 99.9%).
Web development
Great Web apps
Of course, I am competent in web development through the use of traditional HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP along with a standard SQL database backend. I’m also proficient with modern Web development technologies so, if you need an advanced application that works great on Web browsers and/or if you need to interact with Cloud-based Web Services / REST APIs / OData (through XML, JSON or other data formats), then I’m your man !
P.S.: I don't build basic informative web sites per se.
Internet Of Things (IoT)
Smart devices for smart people
What an exciting ‘new’ technology world ! It’s my newest and hottest passion which incorporates hardware and software. Currently my focus is on Node.js, Javascript, python and JSON. Let’s see what incredible things we can build together !
Subcontracting (locally or remotely) - You are providing products and/or services in IT and you require my expertise ? Depending on the tasks involved and my availability, I’m fully open to take parts of your projects as a subcontractor. My professionalism and my discretion are guaranteed.
Please drop me a line and by the way, the Canadian dollar doesn't worth a lot these days…
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